RGLS is a multidisciplinary design and landscape maintenance firm, specialising in Landscape Architecture, Horticulture, Master-planning and Urban Design. With specialized knowledge of over 21 years, we also look into our design with multiple lenses such as sociology, psychology, anthropology, etc to synthesize broad perspective into the design and make it more meaningful and human-centric.

We specilize in fields such as plant conservation, landscape restoration, living architecture (such as green roofs), landscape integrated urban design, sustainable urbanism, urban forests, masterplanning, soil management (reclamation and conditioning), orchad development, landscape and garden maintenance, water management on site and commercial horticulture practices (such as poly-greenhouse cultivation, mushroom culture, plant tissue culture, etc).




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V K Sharma

N K Sharma

Vipul Raj

Architect, Urban Planner (Housing)


V K has more then 21 years of experience in the field of landscape design and horticulture. A proven people manager with a tested experience, he oversees and monitors the firm to ensure that the quality is delivered in all sense to the client.

With a diverse team which is always learning, discussing and debating, we aim at providing the best services and creating the best designs.

N K has more than 18 years of experience in the field of horticulture, cultivation, arboriculture and garden management. He is interested in horticulture, ecology, planting, implementaion methods and exploring new materials and construction techniques.

Vipul having first hand experience in design and execution of various scale of projects, looks upon the designing of projects in the firm. He holds interest in exploring various design possibilities by having a close look at the personal process. He likes to experiment with design process and the outcome in order to achieve engaging design. He is interested in reading and writing.




Dealing with different scale and function of each project, we deal each project with a fresh approach. The approach that is very personal to that specific site, due to various reasons such as site profile (such as size, orientation, shape, access and building to landscape ratio) , site context (such as adjoining site profile, climatic context - macro and micro), requirement and expectations of the client, nature and behaviour of the user, etc.

The preliminary study acts as a base work for the concept development. The philosophies that guide the concept remains more or less similar in every project, however they are shaped and molded as per nature of the project. The idea is to create intriguing and sensitive lanscape spaces.

We like to collaborate with other practices (design and non-design) that opens up the possibility of learning and help us to reach better results.


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Kapil is an architecture graduate and currently looks after the civil works in landscape design projects with his utmost sincere efforts. He believes in integrating the built and unbuilt into one holistic space through landscaping, and has holds keen interest in visualising possibilities using the latest technologies and 3D softwares.


Kapil Verma